Herbal Henna 
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Herbal Henna
Herbal Henna Powder made from pure herbal leaves and rare Indian herbs used for hair conditioning.  Regular use of herbal henna naturally conditions hair and gives strength and shine to the hair.  Medicinal value of Henna and other ingredients take care of all scalp disorders.  It acts as hair vitalizer and helps hair growth and health.

Henna has been mentioned in the early ayurvedic texts as being a cure for number of skin and hair problems. It was used to manufacture natural and herbal hair oils and shampoos.

Henna powder in its pure and natural form is a bright or deep green, khaki or brown. The color produced by pure natural henna ranges from orange to red, to black cherry and near black color. Henna powder quality produced by our company is determined by its color, purity, its dyeing property & fineness. Our herbal henna is the most common and user friendly way to color hair. We manufacture the superior quality of henna, to provide maximum benefit to our customers around the globe Herbal Henna Powder

Ingredients used in our Herbal Henna
Our Herbal henna is the combination of the following nine herbals. Some herbals are very rare in India and we have our own plantations for the following herbs.

Botanical name: Lawsonia Inermis
Cultivation regions: India, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Persia, Sudan, Syria and Egypt

Henna is good for falling hair and it is a good conditioner, give luster to the hair. It strengthens the roots of the hair. It turns white pigment to brown also good for the dandruff.

Botanical name: Emblica Officinalis
Cultivation regions: India

Rich in vitamin C, amla acts as as detoxifying agent for a sluggish liver, promotes radiant skin, reduces cholesterol and boosts the absorption of calcium. Another important benefit of amla is that it promotes healthier hair and hence widely used in hair care products. It is excellent for strengthening the roots of your hair and main color and luster.

Botanical name: Eclipta Alba
Cultivation regions: India

Widely used as an Ayurveda and Yunani medicine, it is useful in inflammations, eye diseases, bronchitis, anaemia, heart and skin diseases. Bhringraj is a effective as a hair conditioner. Bhringraj oil when massaged on to the scalp, gives a calming effect and premature graying.

Botanical name: Bacopa Monnieri
Cultivation regions: India, China, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka,  Vietnam and some part of  USA

Its medicinal values uses as to help benefit memory capacity, increase concentration, and reduce stress-induced anxiety, brahmi is essentially used as a Hair tonic, Hair nourishment, Hair vitalizer. Using brahmi powder helps in treating hair loss. It strengthens the hair roots, relieve itchy scalp problems and help to prevent dandruff.

Botanical name: Terminalia chebula
Cultivation regions: India

It is called the "king of medicines" and is always listed first in the Ayurvedic meteria medica because of its extraordinary powers of healing. In Ayurveda it is considered to destroy all diseases and eliminate all waste from the body. At the same time, it is known to promote tissue growth and health.

Botanical name: Acacia Concinna
Cultivation regions: India

It acts as a natural shampoo for hair care and wash. It has a cooling and stimulating effect on the brain and it induces sound sleep. It is a good conditioner and tonic for the hair. It removes minor eruption over the scalp and keeps hair clean, smooth and silky. It is a natural cleanser for washing, nourishing, colouring and conditioning hair. It keeps the hair luxuriant and manageable. It is free from synthetic chemicals.

  Botanical name: Azadirachta Indica
Cultivation regions: India

Neem quickly kills external parasites and a neem decoction is safer and just as effective as standard treatment for head lice and scabies.

Physic Nut
Botanical name: Jatropha curcas L
Cultivation regions: India

The leaves, seeds and oil of Dravanti is used to treat ulcer, tumour, scabies, wound, haemorrhoid, wound, splenomegaly, skin diseases, rheumatism and paralysis.Wounds: Paste of dravanti, applied on wounds to clean to promote quick healing

Tannikai / Baheda / Vibhitaka / Karshaphala
  Botanical name: Azadirachta Indica
Cultivation regions: India, Indo-Malesian region, Sri Lanka, Indo-China

Fruits of Baheda or Vibhitaka are widely used in Ayurvedic system of medicine. Though Vibhitaka is widely used in various formulations but it is mainly used externally in paste form for painful conditions, skin diseases, leukoderma, graying of hair and to control bleeding from injuries.